MMA Fighter Stabs Doctor To Death With Animal Bone During Argument Over COVID Vaccine, Cops Allege

Russian MMA fighter Akmal Khozhiev is in a Guam jail after he murdered a doctor by stabbing him with animal bones during an argument over COVID vaccines, according to police. Khozhiev, who reportedly goes by Unvaccinated Assassin, was having dinner with the victim, who had hired Khozhiev to train him in mixed martial arts, when an argument escalated to the MMA pro telling Dr. Miran Ribati, "I don't trust you anymore."

Guam police accuse the Unvaccinated Assassin of choking and stabbing Dr. Ribati with a knife and an animal bone that was leftover from a meal. The Daily Mail reports Khozhiev "started choking Dr. Ribati after wrapping both arms around his neck before a witness intervened."

The doctor was then hit over the head twice before Khozhiev grabbed the bone and finished off the 44-year-old radiologist, authorities allege.

According to eyewitnesses, Khozhiev, who has a 3-1 professional MMA record, told an arresting officer, "Sir, it's me, it's me, I killed him."

Authorities have charged Khozhiev with aggravated murder and assault with a deadly weapon for the knife and animal bone attack.

Khozhiev's last MMA fight came in March 2020 just as the COVID hysteria was starting to spread around the globe.

Veteran MMA fighter J.J. Ambrose, who employed Khozhiev at a training facility, told a Guam radio station that he wasn't surprised to hear that his old employee had gotten violent.

“He was such a great person up until he wasn’t,” Ambrose said during an interview with KUAM. “We did everything we possibly could to warn people that AK wasn’t AK anymore. … It’s very hard ’cause I know when you’re friends with two people and those two people are on the outs, you don’t want to take sides. You want to ride in the middle. But in this case, AK seriously needed help, and that was the problem – that people were not trying to take sides, and he seriously needed help this whole time.”

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