Is Colby Covington Cooking Up A Relationship With UFC's Polyana Viana?

If you're looking for a wild UFC storyline, it might not get any crazier than Colby Covington, who once called Brazilians “filthy animals," giving the impression he's building a relationship with Brazilian fighter Polyana Viana (12-4 MMA record).

Covington famously saved his UFC career when he went to Brazil to fight Demian Maia. In 2019, Covington detailed the story for Candace Owens and walked fans through what happened between him and the UFC.

“I think my big break – I’ve never told this story before – but three fights ago before I fought the No. 2 guy in the world, this guy named Demian Maia in Brazil, they had told my manager Dan Lambert that they weren’t going to re-sign me,” Covington told Owens. “They didn’t like my style. They didn’t like that I wasn’t entertaining, and this is before I really started to become an entertainer and understand the entertainment aspect of this business. So before this fight, they told me no matter what happens – I was ranked No. 6 in the world – we’re not re-signing you.

“‘We don’t like your character. We don’t like your fighting style.’ And I’m getting paid $30,000 to go fight the No. 2 guy in the world. Like, after you pay taxes and pay your coaches, you’re really going to get like five or 10 thousand dollars. So I go out there. I beat him up and leave him in a pool of his own blood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, his home city, and I shoot this promo on the Brazilians, and I say, ‘Hey, you guys are all a bunch of filthy animals, and, Brazil, you’re a dump.'”

Thursday, Covington published the photo of him getting cozy with Viana, an incredibly popular fighter back in Brazil. As expected, it set off a firestorm with Viana having to deny these two are in a relationship and her saying she already has a boyfriend.


What's clear here is that Covington has something cooking, especially when Viana is wearing a Colby 'Chaos' Covington shirt. This is just the type of content the UFC needs to keep the emotions jacked up.

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