Contender For Round Of The Year In UFC: Schnell v. Sumudaerji

There is a contender for most brutal and most entertaining round of the year in MMA comes from UFC Long Island this past weekend.

Matt Schnell looked to be in trouble early in round two against Su Sumudaerji, but he was never out.


Schnell entered the fight as the 8th ranked featherweight in the UFC, and Sumudaerji was 12th ranked.

There had to be times in the round that the ref considered stopping Snell from continuing. The comeback was one for the ages, and after the fight, Snell had a theory on how was able to come back. "I think he got tired of beating on me, and I was able to capitalize."

Schnell moves to 16-6-1 overall and has only two losses in his last nine contests.

The win snapped a 3- fight winning streak for the fighter out of China, Sumudaerji.

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