MMA Fighter Shoots His Shot With WWE Superstar Liv Morgan After Knockout Win

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MMA fighter Denzel Freeman was feeling lucky on Friday night following a knockout win at PFL Challenger Series 8 over Raiden Kovacs. During his post-fight interview in the cage he decided to shoot his shot with WWE superstar Liv Morgan.

Freeman is a former WWE wrestler himself. He was released back in 2015 without ever receiving an opportunity to perform in front of a crowd. His impressive 27 second first-round knockout improved his MMA record to 4-0.

The knockout was followed by a dedication and an invitation from Freeman. He started his post-fight comments by dedication the win to his mentor Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Johnson was a former mixed martial artist who died last November. The PFL heavyweight had one more item to check off his list during his time on the mic.

He used some of his remaining time to ask Liv Morgan to join him on a date. Freeman said, “If Liv Morgan is listening, I’m trying to take you out on a date, girl.”

Freeman’s performance during the event was good enough to land him a PFL contract. As for a date, that seems unlikely.

Not because Morgan isn’t aware that he asked her out. She is aware of Freeman’s shot attempt and even retweeted it.

MMA Fighter Shoots His Shot With Liv Morgan

A date with Morgan is unlikely because she’s already in a relationship with another former WWE wrestler. According to “the Nature Boy” Ric Flair, she’s dating Bo Dallas.

Flair confirmed a rumor that the two were in a relationship on his To Be The Man podcast last month. While discussing Dallas’ family, real last name Rotunda, he said, “I was so happy to see Bray [Wyatt]. I just saw Barry’s sister the other day, Mike’s wife. And Mike was there at the 30th anniversary [of RAW].”

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“Mike Rotunda, Barry [Windham]’s brother-in-law. So, he [Barry] is recovering. He is here in Tampa… He’s out what they call The Compound.”

“That would be the Bray Wyatt-Mike Rotunda compound. Bo’s got a bunch of property out there,” he added. “Bo is with Liv Morgan now. I think, are they married? I don’t know. Yeah, and I saw JoJo, Bray’s wife. Yeah, they’re a very happy family.”

This has to be news to Freeman. That or he knew that Morgan was in a relationship and is already trying to line up his next fight. Honest mistake or not, you can’t blame the man for trying.

Written by Sean Joseph

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