MLS Players Booed For Kneeling During National Anthem

MLS teams FC Dallas and Nashville SC decided to take a knee during the national anthem before a match Wednesday night in Dallas and were met with boos from fans at Toyota Stadium. According to the Dallas Morning News, “one fan threw a water bottle at the players and was reportedly escorted out,” while others booed as the players from both teams were on a knee.

FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon says players had requested for the anthem not be played, but that didn’t happen. So players took the knee and the boos started. “You’ve got fans booing you for people taking a stand in what they believe in when millions of other people support this cause,” Cannon said after the match via a Zoom press conference. “We’ve got fans booing us in our own stadium. How disgraceful is that. Honestly, for a lack of a better word, it pissed me off.”

An announced crowd of 2,912 attended Wednesday’s match. Texas health guidelines right now state open-air stadiums are allowed to operate at 50% capacity. FC Dallas decided to allow a max crowd of 3,000, which they nearly hit.

As for the match itself, Nashville won 1-0.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Reggie, first, MLS is one of the least popular sports in terms of attendance in this country. So alienating what little fan support you have is not a good move. Second, just as you have the right to kneel during the anthem, fans have the right to boo you. It is called freedom of speech.

    • Reiner hits the nail on the proverbial head. Considering the NBA’s TV ratings are in the tank, you’d think a league MUCH less popular than the NBA would take note. Although, it’s certainly their right to kneel but don’t be surprised if the league suffers. Freaking hypocrites.

      • While I love soccer and am a fan of MLS, I totally agree that trying to mimic the NBA’s woke strategy is not a good idea. This was not a good look for a league still trying to gain new fans, and using BLM as an inspiration won’t help matters. Soccer is loved by many liberals and Leftists, so its kinda par for the course, but I sincerely wish the league would move in a different direction in terms of supporting racial equality.

      • I respectfully disagree that its their right to kneel. Its the owner of their team, and the league that sanctions their sport’s right to allow him to kneel. But he is a paid employee, just like we are paid employees at our jobs. He has the right to kneel and protest on his own dime, but as a paid employee he is allowed to do what his employer allows him to do. When the team owners feel the pinch of significant revenue losses, they will put a stop to the Woke movement.

        • I understand this logic. I used to think like this. But what happens if an owner forces Sam Coonrod to kneel? And if the defense to that is it violates his religious freedom, then what if kneeling athletes explain their actions as a way to serve their faith? Kneeling demonstrations are tactless but not violent.

          • I hear you, but I think its incredibly unlikely that a team owner would force someone to kneel, to disrespect the National Anthem. The pro athlete situation also differs from most of us in that they are contractually bound to that team, they cannot simply say “I quit, I’m going to go play for the other team”. BUT all that said, I still think there’s a huge disconnect between what athletes and young people in general think is their right as Americans, and what it means to be a paid employee. We have a No Gossip, No politics workplace, and its wonderful. If anyone feels compelled to gossip about their colleagues or bring their Trump/Biden/AOC junk into our workplace, we will gladly set them free to find an environment that makes them happy.

        • Like so much in US Soccer, national-level leadership (or lack of it) is the issue. Some of these players were required to kneel; it wasn’t something they wanted to do. They went along to get paid. Most of them don’t make the millions the big stars do.
          So is it really a “protest” when it is behavior required by the league to get paid?

        • I’ve said the same thing. You can not do what you want at your job, there is no difference. Goodell allowed this to happen when he didn’t squash it from day one and opened a can of worms. Now it may be too late. Unless you tell the players to stay in their locker room if they want, but ni statements while on the job.

  2. F Reggie (who ever the hell that is) well said post Reiner what the fans should do is walk out in masse and not attend another match until it is made clear this nonsense will not be tolerated really pathetic. 2912 in attendance not much room for error there had more than that at high school graduation

  3. I can’t believe he’s surprised. Has he been living under a rock? How could he not know this would be a reaction? It makes you wonder how much these athletes are living in a virtual bubble: media, other athletes, club management and sponsors all sucking up, telling them their protests are necessary and virtuous.

  4. I recall something similar happening when the NFL players were taking a knee back in 2016-2017 time frame. From the TV, you could hear a large portion of fans booing the players during the anthem for kneeling.

  5. The Stupid Virus is now spreading in soccer in America!?

    The sports landscape is becoming like a dessert for fans and yet a thirsty guy, ‘major league soccer’, says no to water and yes to dry sand.

    It’s a good thing I don’t play soccer anymore. I was a bit like a free safety when I played.

    Kneelers would get lit up, if I was playing.

  6. I guess Reggie was SHOCKED that fans destroyed his safe space.
    “We’ve got fans booing us in our own stadium. How disgraceful is that. Honestly, for a lack of a better word, it pissed me off.”
    Wake up and smell the coffee, Reggie.

  7. MLS is non existent on the US sports landscape and their hardcore supporters are the furthest left of all sports. This is just a fact. They are reacting to their loudest voices of their base. It will keep them in the basement of US sports TV ratings, probably make it worse.

  8. Reggie had also mentioned what a “hell” it’s been like for them the last few months. Well, let me remind this guy of the true suffering that’s been going on….Tens of thousands of businesses have closed, many businesses struggling to stay afloat, long wait lines at food banks, millions unemployed, families trying to balancing remote learning for their kids with their jobs, increases in depression and addictions. Meanwhile, these MLS players have trained and played at state of the art facilities and stadiums and continue receiving their paychecks…..This guy and the other MLS players are so disconnected from reality, it is truly disgusting.

  9. Two points.

    1. I have a much larger issue with the players requesting the prohibition of the national anthem than them kneeling during it. No one is forcing them to kneel. I’ll respect their right to kneel during it; however, it’s completely absurd to silence it from the people who want to honor it. Additionally, if the national anthem is removed, then players can’t protest during it. Everyone knows that players won’t protest at any other stage before the start of the game. Instead of fighting social injustices, the players are making these protests about banning the national anthem. 100 percent unacceptable.

    2. The fans see these players as Marxists. The players see themselves as Ghandi. Two far left ideologies with vastly different approaches in their ways. I’d go as far as to say the athlete’s main political issues aren’t as much left vs right as they are up (totalitarianism) vs down (anarchy). The removal of police, protests (players would probably compare this to hunger strikes), and hatred toward government all emphasize that these players want an anarchistic society.

    Example: remember when Kyrie Irving reportedly suggested the idea of starting their own basketball league? Athletes don’t trust the state. They don’t trust power. They want the power.

  10. Translation of the Dallas players comments:

    “As athletes paid by fan interest, we get to force our opinions on those fans and they are allowed to enjoy them but if they disagree must sit in silence. Because as people who play sports for a living, we’re clearly more enlightened than those of other professions that pay to watch us. But if those same paying fans want to share their own opinions on our opinions back with us, we’re going to get really angry about it and give cranky interviews about it. How dare you share your opinion on my opinion, who do you think you are?”

    The lack of self awareness is really off the charts here. Whatever your opinion on this subject or any other relevant subject, that is a simply absurd position to take.

    • To be clear they have a right to kneel, and fans have a right to boo. Both are entitled to their opinions. But my point is the players have no right to condemn those who disagree with their position for voicing their disagreement when it is forced on them.

  11. I know some other people who are “pissed”: The families of those shot due to lack of policing in communities across America (almost all of them black communities). Look at the stats…shootings & murders are up in big cities across the country as police back off in the areas where they are needed most.

    Once these departments are defunded (political weasel speak for elimination of police officers), will Reggie and his teammates be there to clean up the crime scenes? Will they be hitting the streets to locate the shooters & killers? And those “courageous” people who support the #BLM manifesto…will THEY be out doing all the dangerous & dirty duties that officers are tasked with? Of course not. Nor will the social workers who the idealists claim will fill the void.

    Let’s cut the BS. America needs cops a whole lot more than they need violent street punks and the clueless, entitled athletes who kneel in their honor.

  12. I am a FCD season ticket holder. One of the few; it appears.

    I was not there because I am over 70 and have pre existing health problems. If I had been there I would have walked out. If they do not respect my flag they should not expect me to pay them.

  13. We were told the kneeling was only meant to bring awareness to the issue. Everyone has been aware of the issue for a while now. That means the continued kneeling is meant to do one thing…antagonize America & keep the division going!

    • Excellent point, I love the liberal perspective that anytime you have an alternative viewpoint they say “we need to have a conversation, a dialogue about that.” And my response is, how about now? Let’s discuss it. And they just shut down completely because obviously they have no desire to have a true discussion. They are the purveyors of a false narrative. Truth is their worse enemy.

  14. I hope the NFL sees this an considers the backlash reaction the players and league could very well receive if the first week ceremonies turn into a BLM love fest on the field. I can promise you this. If the Titans do something like this in Nashville they’ll get booed loudly like this, AND 10,000-15,000 fans will get up and leave. It won’t go over well at all here. They’re not reading their core audience very well. Stand up or fans will walk out on you.

    • Sports franchise owners are generally as clueless as corporate CEO’s and BOD’s…placing way too much emphasis on the opinions of the far left Twitter mob. Just as the BLM/Antifa riots are planned via social media, so too are the outrage mobs who go to Twitter en masse like pre-programmed zombies, to trend whatever cause they wish. The leftist Twitter boiler room in Brooklyn is in direct contact with their comrades in SF & elsewhere. All with the blessings of Jack Dorsey, who will ensure that the social justice outrage gets trending in short order.

      It is amazing how supposedly bright corporate leaders (adults) continue to be manipulated by a relatively small group of Twitter know-nothings (children). These progressive Twitter idealists likely have never had to meet a payroll or in many cases, don’t even have a rent payment to make.

  15. You were going to kneel whether the Anthem was played or not?
    Great! Kneel anytime except when the Anthem is playing…
    Pretty easy choice, unless you feel the need to dis’ America.
    Kneel at the start of the game! Don’t give the finger to the fans!

  16. Hey – you ignorant, ungrateful, low life loser.
    Reggie – – if that is your name. Never heard of ya.
    You’re a clueless, spoiled, highly overpaid brat.
    Just like LBJ and the rest of the NBA, NFL, MLB, et. al.

    Disrespecting the anthem, and the flag, is disrespecting the country that gives you the freedom to kick a ball around and get rich. Richer than you could ever be using your pea-sized brain in a real job.

    It disrespects the sacrifice of every veteran killed or wounded, or just served protecting those freedoms.

    Go take your tiny brain, and your little ball(s) over to China and try disrespecting the CCP with your kneeling.
    See how that goes, prick.
    Actually, just go to hell.

    • I think “Reggie” may be the new pejorative replacing “Karen” after that hissy fit.

      My favorite response to criticism from kneelers is “you just don’t understand.” Incorrect. Now, to the Reggies out there, the reason we boo kneeling is precisely because we DO understand what is being communicated by kneeling. Yes, we understand the kneeling gesture. We have utter contempt for the kneel. We reject the unintelligent thinking behind the kneel. We refuse the systemic racism premise upon which the kneel is based. We despise the divisive identity politics spirit fueling the kneel. We find the kneel to be “kitschy” and shallow as a method of protest. We do not find kneeling relevant or appropriate to the sports setting in which it is done. We desperately want them to understand our comprehensive displeasure with everything to do with the kneel. Yes, we understand it, and no, we do not agree. We shall respond with boos all the more enthusiastically if they choose to continue communicating the message of the kneel.

  17. I absolutely love the idea of fans chatting USA USA USA while they take a knee or chat it after the anthem. That sort of thing gives me chills and that will unite.

  18. These young men are thoroughly confused. They think that since they feel this way that everyone should. More than half the country hates seeing the kneeling. Our National Anthem means a lot to most of us every time we hear it. We feel like we are being forced to participate in something we don’t believe in when players kneel. We are going to the games for entertainment only. I am boycotting the NBA and my favorite baseball team the Red Sox because they draped Fenway in political statements. Thank God for my Boston Bruins and the NHL.

    • Great point, the true absurdity of this is that players like Reggie Cannon honestly believe the entire world supports BLM, only a small fringe of crazy, gun toting, Trump hat wearing maniacs would boo kneeling for the anthem. He feels like he’s been victimized, because the media has taught him that anyone that disagrees with you politically is by default attacking you.

  19. To play a game in America that you love and have been given the right to play is a gift in itself.. I remember signing a contract as a manager for UPS where I agreed to the terms of the contract.. same should be done by the owners of these teams..Racial injustice does exist, I agree.. I don’t agree it should be protested during our anthem, that’s wrong!!

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