YES Network's Michael Kay Hilariously Fires Back At Rangers Manager Chris Woodward

After Chris Woodward's remarks calling Gleyber Torres' walk-off homer Sunday "little League", Yankees Twitter has gone on a tear. No tweets got the attention like YES Network's Michael Kay, who works play-by-play for the Yankees.

Rather than coming out firing in anger, Kay tweeted sarcastically.

"What a day here at Williamsport," and "What a beautiful day for a ballgame at a 'Little League Park'", he tweeted. Brilliant.

Williamsport, of course, referencing the home city for the Little League World Series. No public apology from Woodward just yet or even an acknowledgment he sounded bitter, let alone being scientifically wrong in his assessment. It turned out Torres' opposite-field home run would have left 26 of 30 MLB ballparks and the homer Rangers outfielder Cole Calhoun hit to tie the game in the seventh inning went a short distance. He obviously didn't umbrella that homer into his Little League jab because only runs his team gives up at Yankee Stadium are phony. The one run the Rangers scored in game 1 off Gerrit Cole counted just fine, according to Woodward's logic.

For now, Michael Kay is doing what all Yankees fans should do. Don't get all twisted up over an opinion from a manager you had to Google. His team is 11-15 and narrowly ahead of the Oakland Athletics that can barely fill a high school gymnasium with fans. The joke is on them, not Yankee Stadium.