Yankees Should Move On From Gary Sanchez To Set An Example

Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez has been dismal (again), and this time he should lose his job. Not that I don't enjoy holding onto once-prized home grown prospects to see them through, but this one's a lemon.

If the Yankees trade or release Sanchez, then they'd set an example for the rest of the young players like Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier, who've been nothing short of atrocious over the first 22 games.

Current (and recent) lack of production

Sanchez is currently 28-years-old sitting on a .182 batting average. Yankees fans will vouch for me when I say even that number feels high. It honestly seems as though Gary Sanchez never gets a hit, ever, and he's also playing shoddy defense.

According to numerous analytical departments like Statcast, they say Sanchez's "pitch-framing" has improved, but that's still not worth a roster spot. The New York Yankees who're worth over $5.5 billion, have a catcher who isn't great at anything outside of maybe throwing? Come on. They can do so much better.

Gary Sanchez is on the 2021 New York Yankees because ownership doesn't want him to shine elsewhere. The Yankees need to admit that either they're the problem or that Sanchez stinks. There's no in between. If your production at a company for four years running has been brutal the way Sanchez's has been, then your boss would fire you. Pretty simple concept, yet the Yankees force fans to hold onto hope that this lemon will turn into lemonade someday.

What's ideal about punting on Gary Sanchez is that it gives the young kids a little tap on the shoulder. Like hey, if you suck as a New York Yankee, you will be let go. It's a privilege to play in the pinstripes and maybe, just maybe, these players should act like it.

Sure, some players will fold under the pressure, but that's part of the process of finding the right fits in New York. At the very least, we know Gary Sanchez might not be a fit anywhere. Hopefully Yankees GM Brian Cashman is reading this so he can save the fan base from watching this mockery any longer. Trade Gary Sanchez so we can find out who the real problem is.