Yankees-Red Sox Postponed Due To COVID Outbreak Though 85 Percent Of Players Have Been Vaccinated

Tonight's Yankees-Red Sox opener has been postponed due to a COVID outbreak in the Yankees locker room, according to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal. How is it possible that COVID outbreaks keep happening for the Yankees, who managed a 85 percent team vaccination rate?

It appears that a virus doesn't give a rat's tuchus about virtue signaling and bowing to forever dingleberry Dr. Fauci. I'll just come out and say it: We were right. The COVID-19 vaccinations don't do jack squat.

Look at these sheep pretending nothing is wrong

Not a single media member asked how this was possible, and that's a major reason why they were hired in the first place. Men and women of all shapes and sizes take turns asking teed up, moronic questions that have nothing to do with logic. No brainstorming trailblazers anywhere, which is essentially what the media was designed to be. Instead, it's a cesspool of boneheads.

Eighty-five percent of the Yankees and Red Sox have been vaccinated, which relaxed protocols, according to commissioner Rob Manfred. So now we witness two separate COVID outbreaks within the Yankees locker room?

Fauci cheerleaders will claim the vaccination doesn't make it impossible to contract the virus, but it does dampen the severity of a case. If that's all the vaccine does, then why is half the country worried about the vaccination status of others when they can just worry about themselves? Why worry if you've done what you need to do to protect yourself? Oh that's right, COVID vaccinations have nothing to do with saving lives, and they never did.

We're not happy to see the Yankees get sick, no matter their stance on COVID. We do, however, recognize their failure in logic and are enjoying the hypocrisy fail before our very eyes. This should be the last time athletic organizations worth billions of dollars rely on wildly misguided doctors like Anthony Fauci. Unfortunately, we know they'll just make excuses because they're on the same team.