Yankees Manager Boone Upset Fan Threw And Hit Red Sox Alex Verdugo With Ball

The Yankees and Red Sox never have had love lost for each other, but so far in 2021 the Red Sox have dominated, winning seven of eight games between the two AL East rivals.

Saturday the Yankees finally recorded a win over the Red Sox, their first win this season against the Yankees.

The win was much needed for the Yankees, but there's also more hostility after a fan at Yankee Stadium threw a baseball, hitting the Red Sox Alex Verdugo.

Verdugo this season is hitting .275 with nine homers and 36 runs battted in.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was not a happy camper over the incident with Verdugo despite it being the Yankees rival in the Red Sox.

"Someone threw a ball and hit him point-blank from behind. It’s awful and embarrassing, unacceptable,” Boone told reporters.

“My understanding is they did catch the guy. Hopefully, he’s in jail right now. Yeah, it’s just a bad situation. If I was Alex Cora, I would have done the same thing as far as going out and getting his guys off the field.

"There’s zero place for that in this great game, in this great rivalry. Players should never feel like they ever have to worry about anything like that. So, you know, I already reached out to Alex Cora, just apologized, and to Alex Verdugo. That’s just a terrible, bad, sad situation and sorry about that.”

The game was limited to six inning due to rain.

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