Yankees Fan Couple ‘Hall Pass’ Video Takes A Turn

A viral man-on-the-street video — created by Jake Kosack — has caught the attention of many as the content creator went up to a couple outside Yankee Stadium.

Kosack asked if they could use their “hall pass," or who they would cheat on their current partner with if given a free pass, for the Yankees to win a world series, who would it be?

"If the Yankees were going to win a World Series, but you had to give each other a hall pass, would you do it?" he asked.

"Absolutely," the woman said.

"Yea," the man said, with a questioning look on his face.

"If you could pick any one you want, who would you pick?" the content creator asked.

"Anyone in the world?" she responded. "My Ex-boyfriend."

Her boyfriend laughed, and then said she would be his "hall pass."

Watch below:

"We're going to fight about this," she said.

Kosack asked the woman why she chose the ex-boyfriend, and she said, "he was a good lover."

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