Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling Saved From Hurricane Floods By Fellow Announcer

Hurricane Ida has been making its way through the Northeast, leaving streets in New York and Jersey nearly waist-high in flooding.

On Wednesday night, Yankees broadcaster John Sterling found himself stuck in a frightening situation when his vehicle, trapped in the storm, began to fill up with water.

Rickie Ricardo, Spanish-language play-by-play announcer for the Yanks, was departing from the stadium after working the team's 4-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels when he received an emergency notice from Sterling's broadcasting partner.

Appearing on WFAN Thursday, Ricardo recalled the evening's event that resulted in a heroic moment for the home team broadcaster.


Sterling's fellow sportscaster, Suzy Waldman, called Ricardo to alert him that John had been trapped on River Road in Edgewater while on his way home. Ricardo noted that the area was prone to flooding, which concerned him after he watched Yankee Stadium accumulate storm water up to his ankles before he left.

Once Ricardo reached River Road, he found Sterling's car mixed inside a 25-car pileup. Ricardo identified Sterling's vehicle, sitting in several feet of flooding, and helped the 83-year-old announcer escape.

“John gets out, we wade our way through the water,” details Ricardo. “I get him into my Jeep. We finally get John settled. He’s a little shell-shocked and I don’t blame him. And then the adventure is to get the extra half-mile from where he was stranded to his apartment. No more than a half a mile. It took us about an hour. ...

“By the time I dropped John off at his building, I live about a mile from him, and that took me another hour, literally. So I got home about 1:15 in the morning. It was amazing.”

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