Yankee Stadium Is Now At Full Capacity, Not Checking Vaccination Status

Starting today, the Yankees are going full capacity, and more importantly, won't be asking for vaccination status. This comes after Governor Cuomo lifted restrictions earlier this week. It's really too bad the Yankees aren't worth a full capacity crowd.

Their series with the Athletics begins today, and no one will be asked to mask up. So why did they insist on separating fans based on their vaccination status? Well, stadiums around the country were operating with common sense and keeping health information private -- private! -- and it worked. So the Yankees had to follow that lead because that's what they are. Followers.

Those who were terrified of COVID in other states took matters into their own hands and got vaccinated themselves. They didn't need a professional baseball team to compel them. People, including governors and those in MLB, should quit worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on themselves. After all, that's how the world worked for all of human history until the last 16 months.

The mass vaccination site at Yankee Stadium is now being moved to the FedEx Banquet and Conference Center. Maybe FedEx can ship the vaccine back to Wuhan where it came from? Surely they could get a sweet rate.

And as for the Yankees, it's time to mind your own business and figure out how to win championships. Your job is to bring home the Commissioner's Trophy, not to worry about the vaccination status of those who attend your games -- and pay good money to do so.