Woman Punches Cop At Blue Jays First Opening Day With Fans Since 2019

Baseball fans ARE BACK at Blue Jays games, and it didn't take long for these notorious maniacs to start pumping out content, this time coming in the form of a woman punching a Toronto cop.

After allowing fans back into the Rogers Centre for the team's first Opening Day since 2019, Blue Jays woman got the 2022 content rolling by uncorking a right to a police officer who clearly wasn't in the mood to be struck, even if it was Opening Day weekend.

On Saturday, police said the woman, 27, seen throwing the punch was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.

The punch came during Friday night's rowdy home opener where an altercation happened in the 500-level around 10:30 after people had been hitting the sauce for several hours.

CTV News reports that a man and the woman who threw the punch were being kicked out of the Sky Dome for being drunk and disorderly. Then came the punch.


And just like that, Toronto is back after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried for two years to cripple his country. Canadian golf courses are open again -- remember when people were arrested for defying no-golf orders? -- and Blue Jays fans are already pumping out content.

The world is clearly healing.

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