Will Miguel Andujar Displace Clint Frazier In LF For Yankees?

After the Yankees lost shortstop Gleyber Torres to COVID, the team called up free-swinging outfielder Miguel Andujar. He made an instant impact in last night's 7-4 win over the Rangers, so that leads us to wonder: Will Andujar replace a struggling Clint Frazier as the Yankees' starting left fielder?

It's possible because Frazier has been THAT bad. Any player in this organization is a threat to a .151 hitter, so why would Red Thunder be safe? He shouldn't be.

It's not like Andujar was called up and he's lacing balls all over the field like Lou Gehrig. He's hitting .172, however his at-bats look far more professional than Frazier's. He's hitting balls hard into some bad luck, and he's finding ways to work counts. All things the Yankees, as a whole, are struggling to accomplish with any consistency.

Frazier does have a lasting edge with that glove though. Never thought we'd see the day when Clint Frazier stayed in a lineup for his defense, but he's been great out there. And he's got a plus arm that Andujar can't duplicate on his best day.

The worry I have is that it doesn't seem like Miguel Andujar or Clint Frazier are the real answer in left field. We're choosing one sub .200 hitter over another because of arm strength? It's like picking out the clearance bin at Walmart. One movie might be better than another, but it doesn't make the winner worth your two hours.

The real replacement

The real replacement is on the trade market. They need a left-handed bat, which Yankees GM Brian Cashman has already admitted. No need to list off candidates because if they're decent and left handed, they're a fit. Just don't make it too expensive, as the team wants to stay under the tax threshold of $221M.

Gives them a measly $10 million to work with, so we'll see where the Bombers go from here.