Watch: Trevor Bauer Taunts Padres By Pitching With One Eye Shut

Dodgers' star right-hander Trevor Bauer apparently thought pitching was too easy, so he decided to close an eye. He isn't going to be able to see very good, Cott.

It paid off for him. Watch:

Bauer was asked post-game what he was doing with this exercise, and his answer was...interesting:

Technically, he's not wrong. If you can't hit off a pitcher who is voluntarily hurling pitches half blind--hitting when he's at full strength may become an issue.

What's clear is that the 2020 NL Cy Young winner is becoming a social media king. Baseball has pretty much been dead in terms of clicks online, but with Bauer doing things like this--how can this not grab the attention of younger generations? Chances are that kids who indulge themselves in TikTok and Instagram will love moments like this. Weird behaviors are interesting in the land of social media.

You're either going to love or hate this move by Bauer, but there's no denying it's good for the game of baseball.