WATCH: Elon Baseball Player Clips A Bird With A Line Drive

Most baseball fans remember Randy Johnson vaporizing that bird during a spring training outing and we've finally finally found better. Red-shirt sophomore Alex Iadisernia laced a ball deep into right-center field when suddenly a bird swooped out of no where and re-directed the ball to right field resulting in a standup double.

Props to the right fielder for having any clue a baseball was headed his direction. Watch:

There is, however, a happy ending to this story unlike Randy Johnson's assassination of that bird: If you pay attention, this bird survived. Obviously the surviving bird didn't reach out to Outkick for an injury update but we can tell this bird changed trajectory and will most likely live to fight another day. Until he of course flies into oncoming traffic the next day.

Perhaps birds should steer clear of baseball fields?

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