WATCH: Corey Seager Breaks Bat In Unusual Way

Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers for 10 years, $325 million, but apparently he didn't spend a daggone penny of that on bats. The perennial All-Star shortstop's bat disintegrated on impact during last night's 12-6 win over the Blue Jays. A freak incident that could've caused injury. Watch:

This is something we never see because most hitters test their bats for defects before they step up to the plate, which reduces the chances of a bat splitting during an at-bat. And based on the way his bat parted like the Red Sea, we'd have to assume that bat was broken before impact.

He was jammed on the pitch which had some late run back towards the dish, however that movement helped Seager hit the sweet spot, if anything.

Seager had himself two knocks on the evening, despite having to burn through some extra lumber. Hit that bat on the dirt before your next at-bat will ya, Seager? Just to be sure.

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