Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Says He Would Not Sign With The Yankees Even When He's Dead

Vlad Guerrero Jr. is set to make a very important decision at some point in the next three years. Will he stay with the Toronto Blue Jays or choose to look for a new home in free agency?

Regardless of where he lands, one thing is for certain— Guerrero Jr. will not be a New York Yankee. He made that very clear during a recent interview.

Guerrero Jr., who is currently just 23 years old, is set to become a free agent at 26. He will either sign an expected record-breaking contract with Toronto before that day comes, or seek a similar deal with another organization after the 2025 season.

Of the many potential suitors for Guerrero Jr., his current divisional foes will not be on the list.

During a recent interview with Vincent Carmona Arias, he said that he enjoys playing against the Yankees. Guerrero's numbers back that up.

He has hit .289/.346/.518 against the Bronx Bombers over the course of his career and .289/.344/.579 with home runs in 31 games at Yankee Stadium specifically. Needless to say, Guerrero Jr. has found success against the pinstripes.

As a result, he will never play with the Yankees.

"I like to play in New York. I like to kill the Yankees. I would never sign with the Yankees, not even (when I'm) dead," Guerrero said in Spanish.

While Guerrero Jr. says this now, there is still a long way to go. New York has a massive bankroll and could offer the young superstar a blank check. Perhaps that will change his mind.

However, it certainly does not seem that way. Guerrero Jr. saying that he wouldn't sign with the Yankees even if he was dead pretty much says it all. It's safe to say that there are 32 teams in the MLB and only 31 of them have any semblance of chance to land Guerrero Jr.