Unfortunate Scene Unfolds As Foul Ball Causes MLB Vendor To Lose Grip, Spill Every Single Beer Everywhere

MLB spring training is underway and it's hard to have a bad time in Palm Beach, Florida, which is home to the Astros camp. A beer vendor would disagree, as his Saturday ended in disaster.

The unfortunate incident went down during the bottom of the seventh inning, which is typically the last inning to sell booze at MLB games. It hurts to watch.

Grae Kessinger, grandson of the great Don Kessinger, was a second round pick in the 2019 MLB Draft out of Ole Miss. His future is bright, but the Astros roster doesn't have much room to call him up.

That didn't stop the team from inviting him to Spring Training!

Kessinger stepped into the box with a 1-2 count against Mets pitcher Zach Mukenhirn on Saturday. He fouled off the offering to stay alive in the at-bat.

In the process, he ruined the beer vendor's day. It was not his fault, nor the fault of the vendor— but it falls more on the latter than the former.

Kessinger's foul ball flew up behind the plate and over the backstop. There stood the vendor.

He had eyes on the ball but got tied up as it came spiraling down on top of his head. And in an effort to protect himself, he failed to protect the beer.

Whatever was left in the vendor's carrying case toppled over and spilled all over the ground.

Every single cheap domestic was lost. Every single one. Brutal.

The vendor put himself first, which is fair, but it seems like he could have done a better job of holding onto his tray. You can't really blame him, but you can.

I, personally, do not have any direct experience as a beer salesman. However, it is my understanding that vendors typically have to purchase the beers themselves (at wholesale cost) and then go out and try to recoup that money. If I am wrong, and someone with knowledge of beer salesman protocol wants to provide clarification— please do so!

Assuming that my knowledge of beer vendoring is correct, it makes the spillage even worse. At least it seemed like he was in good spirits after the initial frustration of spilling his pay day.

Maybe he would feel better after a beer. Too soon?