Umpire Instigates Fight With Zac Gallen, Diamondbacks Starting Pitcher

MLB umpire John Libka and Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen did their damndest to exit Monday's game early and get a head start on the Memorial Day grilling, but Arizona's manager had to butt in and ruin their plans.

During the fifth-inning of an eventual 6-2 Arizona win over the Braves, Gallen was on the bump arguing with Libka. Some would assume the pitcher had an issue with Libka's strike zone, though it's reasonable to surmise they were disagreeing over who's turn it was to replace the propane. Those post-game brats aren't going to cook themselves!

After the discussion briefly stopped, allowing for one more pitch, Gallen kept chirping (no doubt his hunger was starting to get the best of him), prompting Libka to attempt to make his way to the mound for a more private chit chat.

Probably something like: "Zac, let's hurry this thing along. The potato salad's in the car and I'm worried what the heat'll do to it. I'm about to bow out with dehydration - they'll never be able to prove otherwise. So let's wrap it up, eh? I'm hungry."

Before the one-on-one conversation could commence, catcher Jose Herrera stepped in front of Libka, then D-backs manager Torey Lovullo trotted onto the field to ruin the plan.

Watch dinner plans get ruined in the video below.

A clearly uninterested Libka stood there and watched as Lovullo hemmed and hawed like every other arguing manager in the history of baseball. Oh, pointed fingers and cuss words! No way? I've never seen such craziness from a manager! Clearly, neither had Libka, who stood unimpressed with some stomach growling.

Eventually the crew chief stepped in and tossed Lovullo. The SOB won and he didn't even know it. Lovullo hits the showers early, tosses on his finest pair of bermudas and a USA tank and has the pleasure of chowing down on picnic delicacies well in advance of either Gallen or Libka.

That's a veteran move from the manager.

Even though early dinner plans were ruined, at least the participating parties got to witness some fireworks. Something that now seems common place amongst the MLB umpire fraternity.

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