Ump Angel Hernandez Blown Call And The Trend Affecting MLB

You almost have to try to be this bad. Missing balls and strikes behind the plate are one thing. Saturday, Angel Hernandez missed an obvious call at first base, calling the runner Brett Phillips safe in the bottom of the 3rd.

Yes, the play was overturned by replay, yes that play had no lasting effect on the outcome. All that it did was confirm that Angel Hernandez continues to blow calls in games he was assigned to.

In late April, the name Angel Hernandez was again filling Twitter and MLB fans' hate lists. This time from behind the plate, Hernandez had a miserable game and tossed Kyle Schwarber. The Schwarber reaction is epic.

Umpire auditor did declare that the worst game behind the plate did occur last week. Doug Eddings was calling the balls and strikes in a Jays v. White Sox game, and according to the site, did so very poorly.

The invention of ball tracking and the virtual strike zone has not helped umpires. What was once an SD signal view of a questionable call, is now an HD confirmation of a ball thrown at 98 MPH to a plate that has a marked-up strike zone that the viewer believes 100% of the time.

I would say it is time for virtual umpires, and that may be coming. I am sure the Umpire Union will fight back against that with everything that they have, leaving us with the Angel Hernandez and Doug Eddings of the MLB world.