The White Sox Are Loaded, But All-Star Voters Haven't Caught On Yet

You don't get to the top of the AL without a little help from your friends.

The Chicago White Sox club are very much aware of the amount of All-Star talent on their team, even if fans across the league are missing out on the outstanding year in Chicago.

Phase 1 of MLB All-Star voting began earlier this month (June 3) and concludes on June 24, and fans will get the chance to choose three players from each position to advance into phase 2 of the All-Star selections. Winners of the phase 2 round will be declared the starters based on the leading votes.

According to current All-Star voting results, four Chicago White Sox players are in contention to advance to phase 2, showcasing the stacked roster that this team possesses despite a quiet buzz from the rest of the league.

The four players in the running for an All-Star nod are 2020 AL MVP and first baseman José Abreu, catcher Yasmani Grandal, third baseman Yoán Moncada, and shortstop Tim Anderson — all four White Sox players gearing up to represent Chicago during All-Star festivities in Denver on July 14.

Joining the group from the outside looking in, second baseman Nick Madrigal and designated hitter Yermin Mercedes are currently fourth in voting for their respective positions.

José Abreu is hitting .254 with 11 home runs, 49 RBIs, and a .790 OPS for the years to follow up his career performance in 2020.

Yasmani Grandal leads the league in walks and is batting .149 with an an OBP of .388.

Yoán Moncada is hitting .280 with 32 RBIs for the year and a .810 OPS. Moncada remains the club leader in doubles, OBP, and OPS, while Tim Anderson's stellar year could land him his first All-Star spot. Anderson is batting .311 with six home runs, 25 RBIs, and a .793 OPS.

Arguably MLB's most complementary and balanced team, the White Sox defeated the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, which suggests that this gelling crew of potential 2021 All-Stars are much more focused on making a deep run in October than earning spots for July's All-Star Game. However, the ASG wouldn't be a bad addition to the excellent track record for the White Sox this year.