The Oakland Athletics Are Shopping Matt Olson

Matt Olson has been a star in baseball the past few years so it's only right that the Oakland Athletics are ready to move on. Chances are high team owner John Fisher knew the 27-year-old left-handed slugger was expecting a monster payday, so the time is apparently of the essence to ship him to a major market that can afford the star first baseman.

THIS is exactly why baseball should either:

A. Force the A's to a city that will support a new stadium

B: Force John Fisher to sell to get this team in the hands of an owner willing to spend

Not only has Olson put the ball in the seats racking up 89 homers the past three seasons, he's been available. In a day and age where players are playing less and less with sudden neck soreness and back discomfort, Matt Olson is breaking that mold. He's productive and on the field all the time -- any organization on the receiving end of this potential deal has the steal of the decade on their hands. And it doesn't hurt that he's a premier first defensive baseman that makes literally everyone on the field better.

A true two-way superstar that's gotten a lot better to where his strikeouts have taken a significant dip every season of his career. He's no longer a boom or bust guy -- he's a certified three-hitting anchor of a lineup.

Who will come calling?

Rumors have already begun to surface that the New York Yankees have "significant interest", so there's a fit right there. Looking at the rest of the league, the Red Sox, Giants, Brewers, Twins, and Mariners all make sense.

Obviously any team gets better adding a top-five first baseman in all of baseball, however we have to consider team needs and whether or not the organization can afford Olson's looming mega deal. Matt Olson turns 28 in March and becomes a free agent after this upcoming season. His contract very well could eclipse $300 million...a steep asking price no doubt.

We can't wait to find out where Matt Olson ends up, and let's not lose sight of the fact that the Oakland A's should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to their fans, again.