The Mets Screwed Up Tom Seaver's Statue Because Of Course

The late Tom Seaver was honored earlier this year at Citi Field and the Mets managed to butcher the number on the back of the jersey. William Behrends, the sculpture, now admits the "4" in Seaver's no. 41 is in the wrong font.

Understandable to make a mistake when sending a tweet or a text, but not a statue of arguably the greatest Met ever. These things take time and you have to get them right. It's honestly kinda sad.

Apparently the Mets have always used "Block Standard" font on the back of their home pinstripes, and the font used on the back weren't used during Seaver's pitching days.

Behrends spoke with Uni Watch to discuss the blunder.

"I went back and looked at my original clay model to see if the number mistake had happened in the foundry. But no...the clay model has it that way too. It's not like me to miss something like that, but that's what happened. It's something I missed. That clay model, I worked on that for about 10 and a half months. I laid out the torso, laid out the the uniform, and blocked in the letters. At an early stage, I know I had that little stub on the '4.' But during the process of adjusting the model, you take things off and rebuild them elsewhere. So those numbers were probably built and rebuilt five or six times in the process. And in the later part of the process, I clearly was not thinking about the number...I was thinking about other things, and I just missed it. It's embarrassing."

And this is not a common mistake for William Behrends as he's sculpted several other statues, like Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman in San Diego, Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese in Brooklyn, and finally Juan Marichal in San Francisco. All beautiful statues many baseball fans have visited that are known to be some of the best pieces of art to commemorate a few of the game's best players of all-time. Unfortunately, the flawless run came to an end.

At least he put a hand up and admitted to the mistake. We'd also have to imagine the Mets, and Behrends, would like to remedy the mistake soon as possible. These things aren't cheap so it's a costly mistake if they opt to fix it.

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