The Mets Have Emerged As 'Favorites' To Sign Trevor Bauer

According to Mets reporter Pat Regazzo, who is likely misquoting his source, the New York Mets have emerged as favorites to land Trevor Bauer. We've seen about 30 of these reports get shot down by Bauer's agent Rachel Luba, but Bauer to Queens makes a ton of sense.

After Mets management shipped left-handed starter Steven Matz to Toronto via trade, the team needed a starter. What better way to replace Matz' 9.68 ERA last year than to real in last year's NL Cy Young winner? Trevor Bauer and Jacob DeGrom would be filthy.

Another reason why this rumor has legs

Remember when Dave Portnoy of Barstool bullied Steve Cohen off of Twitter, calling him a "suit" during the whole Robinhood scandal? Well, Mets fans would probably feel much better if Cohen and his suit land Francisco Lindor and Trevor Bauer in the same offseason. Sure, they'll still be slightly upset about getting scammed, but their team spending George Steinbrenner-like money on the roster will turn some frowns upside-down.

Bauer pays heavy attention to his media presence, and New York's magnifying glass is the gasoline for the growth players wish to see off the field. For this reason and others, a Mets partnership with Bauer makes sense.

With spring training just two weeks away, Trevor Bauer's decision should be clear soon. Make sure to follow his YouTube channel for an official announcement.