The Mets Could Get Healthy -- And Really Good -- In June

For a team with 16 players on the injured list, the Mets haven't been that bad. It goes to show that if the team gets healthy, they just might start piling up wins. How long until most of this roster gets on the field, you ask?

According to acting GM Zack Scott: "June."

Doesn't mean they'll be the best team in baseball, but they might be really good.

Carlos Carrasco, who was expected to play a big part in that starting rotation, should return by early June "at the latest." Noah Syndergaard is already throwing to hitters, and the team projects him by June as well. The greatest pitcher in the game today, Jacob deGrom, toes the rubber tonight.

The point is that this team is still in first place, despite their shoddy luck. What happens when three starting pitchers return and a couple bats sneak their way back? This squad just might score some damn runs!

Of course their $341 million investment in shortstop Francisco Lindor needs to make an impact, too. Can't expect a player making $34.1 million a year to bat .190 through June. I don't want to challenge him because he just might take me up on it, but there's light at the end of this tunnel. For Mets fans, that light in just a couple weeks away.