The Mets Are Reportedly Getting Fed Up With Carlos Correa, But Deal Is 'Not Dead' Yet

The Major League Baseball offseason has been one of the most eventful ones in recent memory, much because of New York Mets multi-billionaire owner Steve Cohen.

The newest Mets owner has spent over $700 million-plus this offseason in new contracts on some of the biggest names in baseball. However despite all this and a clear willingness to pay top dollar, Cohen may have had enough.

According to a new report by SNY, the Mets have grown 'very frustrated' with former Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa and trying to solidify a deal with him.

It's actually gotten so bad that according to one SNY source, the Mets may walk away altogether.

On Dec. 21, the Mets and Correa made major headlines as the two parties reportedly agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract. However, that was pending a physical.

Something came up in that medical evaluation that worried the Mets so much that they did not move forward with the original contract; the same thing happened with Correa and the San Francisco Giants earlier in the offseason. However the Mets were willing to negotiate. Correa reportedly is not.


But how much legitimacy does this new SNY report have about the Mets being frustrated at the current circumstances?

SNY's Andy Martino says that the source he spoke with still believes the deal will get done with Correa.

"Correa-to-Mets is not dead. In fact, the source said that in the end, they still believed the sides stood a strong chance of reaching an agreement," the source reportedly told Martino.

Folks, this is what we call making up stuff so the boss thinks that we're busy.

Essentially this SNY report is nothing. It's rubbish.

You can't give a report saying that the Mets are frustrated and "may walk away..." only to then say the same source believes the deal is going to get done.

OF COURSE the Mets are frustrated with Correa. They thought they had a done deal before the medical setback.

Another reason it's obvious the Mets would be mad? You're talking about Steve Cohen here. The guy has been dropping massive amounts of money for contracts. He doesn't want to be shown up by Carlos Correa of all people.


The Mets also realize that they need another infielder. Reportedly Correa was willing to move from shortstop to third base. With baseball's other big name free agent third baseman Rafael Devers just re-signing with the Boston Red Sox, the Mets no longer have that that option. They kind of need Correa, which of course he realizes.

But, Correa and agent Scott Boras need to really think about what they're doing here as well. They are currently holding at the numbers the Mets originally offered before realizing Correa had medical issues. Nobody is going to give Carlos Correa a major contract right now - that's gone.

If Correa and Boras push too much, they may actually end up frustrating any potential bidders such as Cohen - who in the end may throw up his hands and say 'the heck with this.'

We will see which side balks first, or if Correa just goes to a new team entirely.

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