The Cubs Have Their Eyes On A Star Shortstop

Not many had the Chicago Cubs landing Marcus Stroman this offseason, and now they're involved in the Carlos Correa sweepstakes. Stroman himself joined the Twitter hysteria this week, and we can't lie -- anyone that lands Correa should be thrilled.

According to Bleacher Nation, the Cubs are trying to land the 27-year-old star shortstop on a seven-year deal, which is less than the decade-long deal many executives anticipate.

And for business purposes, Correa added fuel to the fire earlier this week:

Playing for the Chicago Cubs is much like dressing out for the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers -- players can expect major market attention, and luckily for the sport, the Cubbies are spending again.

Carlos Correa is dominant both offensively and defensively, but will he be able to stay healthy to live up to his asking price? The platinum glove winner struggled to stay on the field for the better part of the past three seasons. Have to sure that up if you want a mega-deal.

If the Cubs get what they want, his deal will land somewhere around seven-years, $210 million. Roughly $30 million a year, however no one (that reads this) should be surprised his annual salary jumps north of my estimate to make up for the shorter deal. Scott Boras represents Correa, so you can be sure of that.

Marcus Stroman's involvement

It's always beneficial to sign players a team's current staff likes, but this is a monster contract. Wildly unlikely to believe the desire of Marcus Stroman will do much in persuading a star to land in Chi town. Can't ignore the fit, though. Correa is still young and would provide the Cubs with a new face to the franchise.

Star players fit just about anywhere, and if you don't believe me look no further than the Yankees being involved with Carlos Correa. Shows just how good this kid was in Houston.