Suspect With Room Full Of Guns Says MLB All-Star Game Was Not A Target

Days after an employee discovered dozens of weapons and ammunition at a Denver-area hotel, one of the suspects says there was no plan to harm MLB fans or anyone else. Police had feared a "Las Vegas style shooting" upon finding the weaponry in close proximity to Tuesday night's MLB All-Star Game at Coors Field. The Denver FBI seemed to agree with the suspect's statement, saying they are not aware of any threat surrounding the game.

Ricardo Rodriguez, one of four people arrested in connection with the hotel incident, told Denver's CBS4 that Richard Platt (whose room contained the weaponry) had no intention of using the weapons:

“He had a lot of guns, he did. I don’t know what his intentions were, from my understanding selling them and trading them. That was about it," said Rodriguez.

Upon entering Platt's room, Rodriguez told CBS4 that he was concerned that Platt had more firepower than a 90s hip hop video: “I just saw a lot of firearms which kind of concerned me. They had a sniper rifle, probably two of them, two or three mid-sized assault rifles, AK-47s, another short entry weapon, to the average person it’s a TEC-9, like an Uzi, numerous firearms.”

Rodriguez reiterated that he did not associate the weapons or Platt with any kind of threat. “If he would have actively mentioned something like that, if he would have said something like that, no way I would have let anything like that happen. I can tell you if I would have saw something like that, seen him preparing for something like that I would have intervened. No way I would have let something like that happen," Rodriguez said.

Platt, Rodriguez and two other suspects remain in a Colorado jail. The MLB All-Star Game remains on schedule for Tuesday evening.