Subway Series Features Crazy Yankees Fan Drinking Beer Using Hot Dog Wiener

The Subway Series tends to bring out the best and worst in New Yorkers.

Monday night's matchup between the Mets and Bombers was no exception as social media was treated to an example of the worst moment in New York City's history.

One Yankees fan absolutely lost his marbles in attendance — taking a straw, driving it through a hot-dog wiener by picking his way through the meat and using the glizzy-straw to suck up his $15 beer.

In a city plagued with crime, this may be one of the worst offenses yet.

Yes, the beer manages to get sipped through the Frankenstein straw, but what happens to the hot dog?

Does he extract the straw and finish his dawg?

Does he eat them both in one gulp?

It's maddening.

One Twitter user responded to the video and declared that the mystery man of meat previously worked with him in a casino and would utilize his hot-dog straw method to slurp up tea. Sad!

The Yankees went on to win, 4-2, though they deserved to lose after this fan's invention.

OutKick 360: Using A Hotdog As A Beer Straw

Certainly a new way to take down a cold one…

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