Spring Training Is Set To Start On Time

The Associated Press is reporting that Major League Baseball has instructed teams to prepare for Spring Training to start on time in mid-February. Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash told the AP that MLB's message has stayed consistent and that managers are preparing for a normal start to camp.

“I think Major League Baseball was somewhat the petri dish,” Cash told the AP. “We were the first real big sport to really get going outside of a bubble. Obviously, if you look at last year’s situation, Major League Baseball, everybody adjusted on the fly. Now there’s more sports that have done things, accomplished things.”

While MLB has told teams to get ready like normal, tickets to Dodgers Spring Training games have yet to go on sale, and that's the norm across the league.

“The pitchers need to get on a pretty structured throwing program to be ready for the first day of spring training,” Rockies manager Bud Black said about this plan to start on time. “Even though we’ll have six weeks to get ready for the first regular season game, there’s a build-up prior to spring training. It’s important to pitchers.”

While the Pfizer COVID vaccine is in its first week of use, there's a belief that a vaccine will be available for managers to get at some point during the season. Players will not be mandated to receive the shot.

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