Shohei Ohtani Throws Strike Towards Surprised White Sox Fan

Shohei Ohtani is more than just an MLB pitcher, hitter and MVP - he's also a prankster. Prior to a recent game between Ohtani's Angels and the Chicago White Sox, Ohtani, a legit five-tool player, unboxed a sixth skill - humor.

While warming up near Chicago's Guaranteed Rate Field outfield wall, Ohtani caught a glimpse of an onlooking Sox fan and quickly tossed an unannounced heater in his direction. As the ball left his hand, the 27-year-old All-Star stayed in character, acting as if he was brushing back an overzealous batter.

All the while, Ohtani was well aware that a thin piece of fencing separated the stunned outfield fan from the baseball and any impending danger.

The fan, Brendan Diamond, was initially shocked, scared and likely in need of a change of underwear. But he quickly recognized the fencing and noticed Ohtani laughing as he approached to say hello, putting an end to his momentary sense of panic.

Watch the events unfold in the video below.

Though Diamond ducked at first, he swiftly propped himself back up just in time to snag a picture with a grinning Ohtani.

After the video went viral, Diamond tweeted: "that was me he threw the ball at!! scared me so bad but was easily one of the best moments of my life." He included two crying laughing emojis and the picture of himself with baseball's brightest star.

Pranks aside, Ohtani and the Angels have been anything but a joke. Los Angeles currently sits atop the AL West standings with a 15-10 record


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