Sean Murphy Rips A Liner Right Into A Fan's Beer

Beer has many purposes.

It can be a confidence booster, it can help you relax, and it can provide you with a nice, cold beverage while you eat. Hell, we now know it can even save lives.

That last one was proven during a MLB Spring Training game last weekend. During an exhibition between the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics, catcher Sean Murphy hit a line drive foul. The unintended target? A couple of fans in the stands.

Luckily, the man used wicked reflexes to shield the lady next to him from getting hit. And what did he use? One of those $14 cans of ballpark beer. Check it out.

That man must really care about the woman sitting next to him. That wasn't a cheap save, after all. But at least he was rewarded for his heroic behavior. After getting an ovation from the crowd, the fan also received some other benefits.

The Angels gave him four more beers to replace the one he lost, plus an autographed bat from star outfielder Mike Trout.

OK, now that's a pretty sweet deal. That's like ... $100 worth of beer. Oh, and the bat is pretty cool too.

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