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It's official, the 3rd annual Put-In-Bay Two-Club Challenge is all set

Guys, I've talked about it for many months. I finally called the old lady who runs the Put-In-Bay Country Club and locked in the tournament date for the 3rd annual -- yes, we played last year during the early days of the 'VID -- Two-Club Challenge and told her to get ready, we're coming to town June 19.

For those of you who are within striking distance and can join us for a day of debauchery on the Lake Erie island, you're in for a golfing challenge, unlike anything you've ever done in your life. You'll get two clubs from the giant bag of clubs I bring over on the ferry. The bag contains 3-woods, 5-woods, 7i, 8i, 9i and wedges. No putters. Pick your weapons. Grab some balls from the 5-gallon bucket I bring in my wife's van.

Then we send you off to battle the Put-In-Bay Country Club nine-hole track. Beverage coolers that I ferry across Lake Erie in my wife's van are left at strategic spots around the course and you're highly encouraged to indulge. Then the round culminates on the dramatic No. 9 hole for the closest-to-the-pin challenge. $5 per shot, bring $20s. It's approximately a 105-yard shot to the center of the green, but the wind is in your face so there are club decisions to be made. Beautiful Lake Erie is in the background as you step onto the tee box. It's quite a scene as we bring all the coolers to the 9th and participants stay hydrated. Music is pumping. The crowd goes silent as you take your swings. It's pretty much No. 12 at Augusta National.

And then we award the Challenge trophy to the winning two-some who cheats their way to victory. After that, we all go to the Blue Marlin for the 19th hole party where our old friend DJ ADubb spins the hits, 500 people go nuts in a pool, we suck down some drinks and celebrate yet another year on this incredible Lake Erie island.

Spots are filling up fast. $35. I mule everything over to throw the party. Don't bring anything but your ability to have fun. How's that sound? Email me: or slide into the IG DMs to let me know you're interested (@joekinseyexp).

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