Reds Outfielder Jake Fraley Blows Up At Phillies Fan, Warns Him To 'STFU'

Jake Fraley was red in the face after Thursday's loss against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Cincinnati Reds outfielder was spotted arguing with a home fan, walking up to the ardent Phillies fan and yelling at him to "shut the f**k up." The reasoning behind Fraley's outrage was unknown, but it was apparent that the Phillies fan was relishing the win and giving the outfielder hell after the Phillies completed a four-game series sweep.

One fan targeted by Fraley responded, "You’ve got the wrong guy. It wasn’t me."

Fraley might have also been ticked off by his performance against Philly, going 0-4 and striking out twice.


Twitter sleuths gave the heated exchange some context, adding that the fans were hurling "basic jeers" and that Fraley's move was "weak." Another user added that three fans were ejected from Citizens Bank Park.

Fraley is batting .248 in 105 at-bats this season.

The Reds sink deeper in the NL Central: down 23 games out of the lead with a 48-75 record.