Red Sox's Chris Sale Destroyed Clubhouse Following Rehab Start

Boston pitcher Chris Sale is destroying the minor leagues while he rehabs a rib injury.

That would seem to be a positive for the Red Sox pitcher, until you consider that it's not the opposing batters he's carving up, it's the clubhouse.

Following a Wednesday start for the Sox's Triple-A affiliate, Worcester, Sale took it upon himself to redecorate the clubhouse. He did so without the use of any tools or coworkers. The lefty opted instead to use only his hands and feet for redecorating purposes.

Watch Sale's very own version of an HGTV-remodel below.

Some may critique his craftsmanship, or lack thereof, but I was impressed by his ability to put his entire body into the project. Ladder be damned, Sale was ready and willing to to jump when and where needed. And his hips did anything but lie throughout - he regularly worked the region and activated his core while doing his thing.

If you're wondering what prompted the mid-game reconstruction, it was Sale's performance on the mound. He was pulled after lasting just 3.2 innings and giving up a bases-loaded walk. In all, he walked five batters and struck out five more.

Following the game Sale told the Boston Globe: “Pfffff. Not good. I was just out there fishing today … Nothing to hang your hat on, that’s for sure.”

Whether he was discussing his pitching or the clubhouse demolition is anyone's guess.


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