Ralph Nader: NYT Has Messed Up Sports Priorities

Ralph Nader is many things -- a former third party presidential candidate, a passionate environmentalist, and a lifelong bachelor. But he's also, at heart, a devoted New York Yankees fan, and on Thursday, he once again went to bat for his team.

Nader, 88, took to Twitter to call out, of all things, the New York Times for going global rather than local. He says the Gray Lady "thinks its readers are more interested...in Real Madrid than in the Real Yankees in New York City."

And the Times has arranged its layout accordingly. Per Nader, "Yankees and Mets baseball games are almost invisible. Not even the scores are printed in the Times suburban sports edition anymore."

And Nader would know. For his entire adult life, Nader has kept things simple. Per National Journal, he has had the same modest apartment and never owned a television. So he apparently relies on the Times to keep him up-to-date whenever he can't catch a Yankees game on the radio.

So, the Times better return to its hometown roots and start going local. Because when Ralph Nader calls you out for too much globalism, you know you've lost your focus.