President Biden Changes View on Moving Sporting Events Out of Georgia

President Joe Biden lied about Georgia's new voting law — calling it Jim Eagle and Jim Crow 2.0 —then encouraged MLB to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Tuesday, a day after MLB relocated the game to Colorado, Biden changed his view on sporting events leaving Georgia.

When asked about calls to relocate the Masters, Biden said that moving such events end up hurting the people who need help the most:

Biden is right on the last part, though he sung a different tune last week when he encouraged MLB to find a different location for the All-Star Game. His comments soon led to Atlanta losing the All-Star Game, hurting the pockets of Atlanta's working class.

Biden, the media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others promulgated a lie that requesting voter ID is racist against black people. They pressured MLB and major corporations to agree with them at the risk of being labeled racist.

So, why has Biden had such a change of heart? Did he realize this has gone too far? If so, will it matter the next time his party demands that he join the pathetic movement to call all things the Left doesn't like racist? On the last question, I'm betting no.

Increasingly, Democrats have adopted a new strategy to get what they want: target the goal, call it racist, and wait for cowards to fall in line. Biden, though promoted as a moderate, has so far followed that lead.

MLB should never have moved its All-Star Game, and President Joe Biden should never have lied about Georgia's voting law. Yet both things happened.

The Masters should certainly never move from Augusta.

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