Pirates, Reds Players Standoff To Prove Who Loves America More

Ahead of the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates game Monday evening, two players had a friendly competition to show just how much they love their country.

Reds third baseman Alex Blandino and Pirates pitcher Luis Oviedo stood and kept their hand on their hearts even after the national anthem ended in a competition of their own ... and it lasted for almost 10 minutes.

"When I tell you Blandino hasn't moved in the last five minutes, I'm not joking," one broadcaster said. "That's the first time I've seen him move his head. He is in true form here as the Pirates and the Reds set to do battle. It doesn't look like either guy is giving in."

As the teams began to take the field and officials prepared to begin the game, the two players stood just outside of their dugouts and let the preparations happen around them ... and the broadcasters continued to call the friendly standoff.

"I'm all Blandino," a second broadcaster said. "That smirk is the first crack he has shown. Oviedo has outright broken multiple times. Blandino is money here."

"We are seconds away from the umpire chasing them away and back into the dugout," a third announcer said.

After the two were warned to leave by the home plate ump, they remained with their hand on their heart and feet steadily together.

"This is baseball chicken," the announcers said. But moments later, when the officials asked them to head to the dugout one more time, Oviedo went first.

"Blandino wins it! The Reds already have a win today!"

The broadcasters, and the Reds, declared Cincinnati the winner of the friendly competition.

Watch the clip here:

Note: Featured image courtesy of the Bally Sports broadcast/Reds Twitter.