Pete Rose Launches Podcast On (Wait For It) Gambling

Pete Rose is apparently launching a gambling podcast -- that he claims isn't about gambling -- that's literally entitled "Pete Rose's Daily Picks." I personally defended the hit king despite his life time ban, but even I'll admit this is a crap idea. He needs better friends.

Pete Rose starting a gambling show is like dropping your kids off at O.J. Simpson's daycare center. Even the people clamoring for his innocence recognize the P.R. nightmare and wouldn't dare wish a company like that existed.

Rose is planning to release five 10-15 minute episodes each day six days a week -- one episode will be an hour long. He'll also be accompanied by co-host Ben Wilson on Quake Media, according to USA Today.

"I know how it looks, and people will criticize," Rose told USA Today. "But it's not gambling, it's handicapping. I'm a handicapper."

If telling people whom to wager their money on everyday isn't the definition of gambling, then we don't know what is. Still, we aren't upset Rose is getting a podcast -- it's more that we want to see Pete Rose reinstated into Major League Baseball so he can be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Starting a podcast and disregarding your public imagine isn't helping, that's all we're saying.

"I watch two or three baseball games a day," Rose said. "And it's not just baseball. I watch all sports. I love sports. I know I can help people who want to wager on sports."

There it is. Wager was the word we were searching for. It's, objectively speaking, a bad look for Pete Rose. This is a more a sign the Reds legend is giving up on the Hall. Sad, really. We wish him the best.