Padres' Wil Myers Treats 100 Fans To Celebratory Drinks

The San Diego Padres made it to the next round; Wil Myers is celebrating by buying a round.

After upsetting the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS on Saturday, sending the Frogtown boys home for an early offseason, Myers took to the town to celebrate the Padres' first trip to the NLCS since 1998.

With the Gaslamp District's best bars surrounding Petco Park, it didn't take long for Myers to find a happy (and thirsty) crowd ready to party on. Myers, who's been with the team since 2015, got the drinks flowing after the win after he bought roughly 100 patrons at a San Diego bar free drinks.

Footage of the Padres outfielder going wild outside of Petco and at the bar (Social Tap) makes you want to root for SD.

A real dude's dude.

With the Padres leading the Phillies 8-5 after seven innings on Wednesday, Myers may find himself buying San Diegans another round.

Philadelphia currently leads the series, 1-0.