Padres' Star Fernando Tatis Jr. Suggests He Crashed His Motorcycle Multiple Times This Past Offseason

Reports out of San Diego are disastrous as Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. is said to have a fractured wrist. He is set to miss roughly 2-3 months of the season, but our biggest concern right now is his answer as to how this happened.

The $340 million dollar man was asked this morning whether a motorcycle accident was the cause of this injury.

"Which one?" Tatis responded. Oh boy.

It appears Tatis Jr. wasn't prepared for this question since the public was only made aware of one accident, which happened back in December of last year. This is not a good way to tell the public you hopped back on a motor bike when a franchise is relying on you to stay healthy after you already crashed once.

Of course no one knows exactly when he fractured his wrist, however we can take an educated guess that this latest accident did him in. Players don't just break their wrists around the house. Really sad to see one of the faces of baseball go down for such a stupid reason. Also doesn't help that the rival Los Angeles Dodgers are expected to land star first baseball Freddie Freeman in the coming days. Bad news all around for Padres fans and fans of the sport as a whole.