Padres Fan Greets Kyle Schwarber With The Double Bird

Petco Park wanted nothing to do with Phillies star Kyle Schwarber coming off an NLCS Game 1 loss on Tuesday night.

The Padres, and their fans, got their revenge on Wednesday in more ways than one.

One SD fan wasn't hoping for a Phillies beatdown in Game 2 as much as he preferred a personal 'eff you' to Philly and Schwarber for breaking the fan base's heart a day before.

During a routine catch for Schwarber near the warning track, one brave Padres fan dangled over his seat to flip Schwarber off with the double bird. Even with the 8-4 lead in the seventh inning, the vengeful Padres fan couldn't stomach the sight of the Phillies star, which also may have something to do with Schwarber's show-stopping home run from Game 1.


Schwarber stole the show Tuesday night with a ridiculous 488-foot homer that nearly made its way into the neighboring Gaslamp District in its high-flying voyage.

In the end, San Diego got their revenge: beating the Phillies, 8-5, off a five-run, fifth-inning rally to tie the NLCS at 1-1.

San Diego braces for a tough series, which stands between them and their first World Series appearance since 1998. The Padres are preparing for the Citizens Bank faithful to deliver their own messaging when the team visits on Friday for a Game 3 showdown.

If the Padres lose, they'll know who to blame ...