Pablo Sandoval Absolutely Demolishes Opposing Catcher at Home Plate

Even in his younger years in Major League Baseball, Pablo Sandoval was never a particularly thin player.

Affectionally referred to as "Panda," Sandoval was famous as a major leaguer for his size and propensity for clutch hits during multiple Giants playoff runs.

Now playing in the Mexican League at the age of 35, Sandoval appears to have somehow gotten even bigger, despite being generously listed at 268 pounds.

In a recent game between Sandoval's Olmecas de Tabasco club and Saraperos de Saltillo, Sandoval was on second base in the 7th inning of a tie game when Alberto Carreon laced a single to left field.

While Major League Baseball enacted a rule prohibiting runners from knocking over catchers, the Mexican League has no such limitation. So when Sandoval tried to score from second and the throw beat him easily, instead of accepting the out or trying to slide, he went for brute force.

It did not go well for the catcher:

Sandoval was ruled out, and was seemingly completely unaffected by laying out Saltillo catcher Hans Wilson.

Remarkably, Wilson held on to the ball and recorded the out, although he was removed from the game.

Maybe the biggest takeaway of this play is that there is absolutely no chance that Sandoval only weighs 268 pounds.

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