Numerous Jobs At Stake For The Cleveland Guardians Due To Vax Mandate

Cleveland's MLB team is currently about as well received as heartburn the day after Thanksgiving. Already dealing with disapproval of their curious name change, a clunky logo, a recently settled lawsuit, and some signage mishaps, the Guardians front office will soon be in need of something stronger than Prilosec to cure what ails them. The franchise may lose a number of employees -- and fans -- because of their decision to mandate vaccines.

Another offseason strikeout for a Guardians baseball team that so far, hasn't guarded much of anything.

According to an email obtained by FanSided's Robert Murray, the Guardians informed team employees that they will have their contracts terminated if they are not fully vaccinated by January 3rd of next year. The email, sent earlier this month, informed all employees that they must receive their first dose of a vaccine by December 20th unless they've received an exemption.

Per Murray, the email specified what the organization means by "fully-vaccinated": "To be fully vaccinated, two-weeks must have passed after receiving either the second shot in a two-shot vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) or the only shot of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson Vaccine."

The interoffice memo continued: "That means that – absent any exemption – all Executive Office and Service Level employees must receive either their second Moderna/Pfizer shot, or single Johnson and Johnson shot by December 20, 2021. Remember: there is an approximately three-week (Pfizer) or four-week (Moderna) gap between the first and second doses of the two-dose vaccines, so meeting these deadlines will require advanced planning. Failure to comply with this Policy will result in termination."

It's probably safe to assume that most fans would rather the team terminate that new name and logo than terminate employees for passing on a jab.

In the meantime, vaccinated Guardians employees may want to familiarize themselves with the company restroom. It looks like next season may already be in the toilet.


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