New York Yankees Flex On Rest Of MLB With Unique Request As They Run Out Of Jersey Numbers

The New York Yankees have a number problem. As in, they don't have many left.

No other team has this issue, which is the ultimate flex. It's a testament to the amount of legends that have donned the pinstripes throughout the years.

So what is the problem?

Over the course of the last 120 years, since the franchise was founded as the Highlanders in 1903, the Yankees have retired 22 numbers for 23 players. Nobody will ever wear the numbers one through 10 in the Bronx ever again, among others.

Only numbers 1-99 can be worn in the MLB. With 22 jersey numbers retired, that leaves just 77 for New York. St. Louis has the second-most retired numbers with 14.

There are 40 players on a Major League roster (including minor leaguers) and the Yankees have 11 coaches. Coaches have worn full uniforms since the days when player-coaches were common, and that tradition has not changed. Every coach also gets a number.

40 + 11 = 55. New York has 55 players and coaches that need a number, leaving just 22 unclaimed.

As a result, according to Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, the Yankees organization has issued a unique request to the league. It doesn't want to give coaches numbers anymore.

Although it seems like an easy request for the MLB to grant, it does raise the question of what would happen if the league says no. The Yankees will simply have to deal with it, but what happens if they keep retiring legends— like, say, 99? What if they run out of numbers?!