Nearly Half of MLB Teams Have Hit Their 85% Threshold

MLB says 14 teams have reached the 85 percent threshold of vaccinated players while two other teams are approaching the mark. If a team hits that threshold, then baseball allows for the relaxation of of safety protocols.

Goes to show that professional athletes are dealing with the same pressures as us common folk. Roll up your sleeve or live with protocols the rest of your life.

"Tier 1 individuals"? This is bizarre behavior that Americans shouldn't tolerate. We're naming the vaccinated like they're disinfected from a flesh-eating virus. And what's worse is that not a single sports writer at ESPN questions the lunacy. They follow along like it's jury duty.

A league that follows science says Yankee Stadium can only hold 15,000, but just miles away, Madison Square Garden is sold out -- indoors. We shouldn't allow sports leagues to pressure us into a vaccine. The players shouldn't, either.

Will this ever end?