MLB Relocating All-Star Game To Denver's Coors Field

Major League Baseball has selected a new location for its All-Star Game after pulling it from the state of Georgia over the weekend. According to AP Sports, the game is being moved to Coors Field in Denver, the home of the Colorado Rockies.

Many assume Colorado would be a suitable location. I mean, the voting laws there have to be significantly better than the ones in Georgia, right? Otherwise, why would the MLB make this sort of move?

There are similarities in the voting laws of the two states, but there are some differences as well. In fact, Denver might be more restrictive with its voting laws than Georgia. Greg Price pointed some of those similarities and differences out on Twitter following the news.

"MLB is moving the allstar game to Colorado, which requires photo ID to vote in person, requires signature verification for mail in ballots (which Georgia got rid of), and prevents campaign workers from giving food/water to voters within 100 ft if they’re wearing campaign apparel," Price tweeted.

Like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said on OutKick the Coverage on Monday, this move was never really about voting laws. It was about the political pressure coming from various activist groups and others, and the MLB folded under that pressure.

Since the MLB hasn't yet made this move to Denver official, it's entirely possible that they leaked the news to get a gauge of public reaction before making a final decision. That's not a guarantee, but considering the league's fearful state, it wouldn't be shocking.

Expect the news to be announced sometime on Tuesday.

If it becomes official, it will be the first time since 1998 that Denver has hosted the MLB All-Star Game.

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