MLB Loosened COVID Protocols For Vaccinated Players

MLB just released a memo that they're "relaxing" COVID protocols for vaccinated players. Baseball still insists they won't infringe on a player's right to decline vaccinations, so at least there's that.

Guess they'll spend all their time making the lives of the unvaccinated miserable until they give in. Sound familiar?

What players can do if vaccinated

Baseball says if 85% of a team gets vaccinated, then they'll relax the entire team's protocols. It's really the same criteria Dr. Fauci made the past few weeks, that "we can open up the country if the majority were vaccinated."

They can polish this turd as long as they want -- the MLB and Fauci are really saying that we all have to get vaccinated or our lives will be controlled forever.

Of course those of us who've been paying attention know it'll never be enough to live our regular lives until vaccination cards are the norm. Ya know, until profits are maximized. Major League Baseball is just setting the tone for what President Biden and Fauci will ask for in the future: that a majority (if not all) citizens be vaccinated before we get to start making choices for ourselves like we always did.

These developments make us feel like we're getting our freedom back, but in reality, players should be able to play video games without the consent of Emperor Rob Manfred. Grown men worth hundreds of millions are waiting around until ol' commish says they can fire up the PlayStation? How stupid is this?