MLB Legend Pete Rose on Sports Betting: 'I Came Along At The Wrong Time'

MLB legend Pete Rose joined the OutKick 360 crew on Monday. Among the many topics in their interview, the OK360 panel discussed modern sports betting and how it changes the narrative on Rose's legacy.

OutKick 360's Chad Withrow asked Pete what he thought of the stark contrast in the attitude toward sports betting now and during his time in baseball.

"For years, pro sports would not embrace Las Vegas," Withrow said. "You couldn't have a team there because guys were gonna be on the take and it was gonna look bad for the league and everyone was gonna think the game is fixed."

Withrow asked, "Does that make you look around and think, 'What are we doing here with baseball's view of me,' and what happened years ago when you see their willingness to embrace it now?"

"Not really because I just came along at the wrong time," Rose admitted.

"I'm not here to tell baseball what to do. As you know, baseball is all about making dollars. I'm not here to try to tell baseball how to run its business, and I'm certainly not going to tell the casinos how to run their business. ...

"In the end result, I just hope everyone's happy."

Watch the segment with Rose below and subscribe to OutKick 360's YouTube channel to watch the entire interview.


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